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Tired of winter

It’s been a theme in several of my friends’ blogs today that, no matter where we are, we are all tired of winter. Me too, guys. Today I had the opportunity to run outside at lunch, but I didn’t. I’m doing six miles on the dreadmill tonight.  Voluntarily. Because they will be six warm, safe […]


I haven’t been sticking to my half-marathon training plan. Shame on me, I know. But I have been sticking to my 30-minutes of fitness every day commitment, which is more important. Today, when I went out to run, I didn’t look at the thermometer first. I just assumed it was going to be cold, got […]

I want to make a habit of writing a blog at least every day I go running. Hopefully they’ll get more readable the more I do it. Today was my first day with my competition base layer shirt. I’m not sure if that’s what its actually called, that’s just what the jazzy marketing on the […]