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7 easy things you can do today to take control of your health

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Before I started running, I cared about changing my life and building healthy habits. Of course I was aware of how I looked and how unhappy I was. But I had no idea where to begin. Nothing I did ever felt like it would produce results, at least not lasting ones. I think that’s where a lot of people are — they desperately want change, but they have no idea where to begin.

Pattie’s somewhat-backed-by-science helpful tips for healthier eating patterns, Part 3

To review: 1. Eat vegetables. Make it easier by keeping canned and frozen ones around. 2. Be prepared. Bad choices happen when you don’t have easy healthy options. 3. No liquid calories.Story continues below advertisement. 4. Look for foods that are high in fiber. Part 3 … 5. The slow cooker is your friend. This […]