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Race day! You know it’s race day because I’m: – eating oatmeal with maple syrup. – wearing my race day tank. – up at 4:45 am. I didn’t sleep well last night. It’s always like that before a race because I’m so nervous about sleeping through my alarm. I feel strong and well rested, though. […]

So the Old Port Half Marathon is this weekend! It will be my second half marathon. I had a really great time at my first one and unexpectedly kicked ass. At Race the Runways, that was the big race I was preparing for. This half marathon isn’t going to be like that — the marathon […]

So, it’s pay day, and I celebrated by signing up for the Old Port Half Marathon! It coincides with this week on the marathon training schedule: That seems to fit in quite well. Granted, 15 miles is 2 miles more than 13 miles, but I think the best way to approach that is with a […]