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Lets get this party started ri- ri- right.

Here’s my (8.1 hour) Sugarloaf Marathon playlist: Bamboo Banger, M.I.A. (the only single track). Sheryl Crow’s self-titled album Beastie Boys, Hot Sauce Committee Part II Gwen Stefani, Love.Angel.Music.Baby Rihanna, Talk that Talk G. Love and Special Sauce, Philadelphonic Florence and the Machine, Lungs Mos Def, Black on Both Sides Justice, Audio, Video, Disco Britney Spears, […]

Music to run to

Run To Music on Your iPhone or MP3 Player for Free. Runners’ World shared this really cool remix site this morning that has 90 BPM tracks that are about 40 minutes long for running. Cool! I needed something to rev up this weekend’s 17-mile run.

Tonight’s run felt good. 4 strong miles at a strong, confident pace. I had taken a few days off — did a long-ish run on Saturday morning (7.2 miles) before Tony and I left for our day trip to Montreal. Then, no running until today, so that was a three day break. Still, I felt […]

Dialing back

Last week was the first week in two months that I ran less than the week before. I skipped three days (though I did spinning and walking on two of them), and the longest run was 4 and a half miles. Part of that was because I was at a conference in Boston this weekend […]

Tech review: Tangerine

My best runs are often a zen combination of these things: A familiar soundtrack with with unfamiliar territory, or A familiar route with different tunes I have been doing much more of the former and not enough of the latter, recently. And despite the fact that I have a 10K+ music library, I was finding […]

We dance to the beat!

Robyn last night was so so so awesome. I did my long run (10.5 miles!) a few hours before the concert, and I still had the energy to jump around for 3 hours at the most amazing concert I have ever been to ever ever ever. I bought this shirt after the concert. It’s from […]

Music to run to!

I was hoping to meet up with a running group my friend told me about at Bates College this morning, but I did not meet them. So, instead, I did my longest run ever! 5.46 miles, 66 minutes (including warm-up and cool-down). There has been SOO much ‘effin awesome music for exercising that has come […]