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Lake Auburn Half Marathon race report

Me and Bob at the Lake Auburn Half Marathon, around mile 6.

I think every half-marathon should start with a 7-mile warm-up. OK, maybe that’s crazy talk. But the pre-race jitters I usually have? I had NONE of them this morning. And while it was not my best half-marathon ever … or even close to it … it still was a really great race. (Half-marathon number 6 … […]

Can we be a one-car household?

Tony with the car about 20K miles ago, on the trip to start my internship in Florida in 2008.

1. I haven’t blogged much because I don’t have much to say, but the last time I started a post, it said: I’ve been feeling really good about training now. I look forward to every run. “Only” running five miles instead of eight on Wednesday morning was more disappointing then  relieving.Story continues below advertisement. Disappointing […]