Tired of winter

It’s been a theme in several of my friends’ blogs today that, no matter where we are, we are all tired of winter. Me too, guys. Today I had the opportunity to run outside at lunch, but I didn’t. I’m doing six miles on the dreadmill tonight.  Voluntarily. Because they will be six warm, safe […]

The superintendent of schools is on a mission to get to know his new city, by running every street. Bill Webster has been Lewiston’s school superintendent since Jan. 1. He gets up each workday at 5 a.m., dresses in warm layers and heads out into the cold. He runs for 45 minutes to an hour […]

Dialing back

Last week was the first week in two months that I ran less than the week before. I skipped three days (though I did spinning and walking on two of them), and the longest run was 4 and a half miles. Part of that was because I was at a conference in Boston this weekend […]

Tech review: Tangerine

My best runs are often a zen combination of these things: A familiar soundtrack with with unfamiliar territory, or A familiar route with different tunes I have been doing much more of the former and not enough of the latter, recently. And despite the fact that I have a 10K+ music library, I was finding […]

Bless me Tumblr, for I have sinned. I said that I started this blog to keep my honest. And I have a confession. I do not want to go running tonight. No part of me wants to go to the gym tonight. It is cold. And it is cold in my house. And I hate […]

Learning to ski

I have come to terms with the fact that the race has been postponed. I’m even a little glad about it. Because, while it is very beautiful outside today (34 degrees! Sunny! You don’t even really need a jacket!) the streets are giant slush puddles of disgusting. I predict that my feet will be soaked […]