Since my next *definite* race is the LADU (bike & swim duathalon) at the end of June, I started cycling. My friend Mike also organizes a 100-mile bike trip from Yarmouth to Rangely in the summer that I want to go on, too. So I think, I just ran a half-marathon. I can be active […]

At the finish line

I did it. I stepped on that scale this morning, and after 7 months, 2 weeks and 5 days from when I “officially” started this journey, I was there. People asked me, “OK, what’s next?” Don’t get me wrong, there are always things that I’d like to change, but … I’d like to just take […]

Embrace the hills — I got on my bike today for the second time this week/year. I did an abbreviated version of the LA-DU route, and despite being 25 lbs. lighter and considerably fitter, I still averaged .3 mph slower than I did at the race. The hills were tough — so tough — but […]

Working hard always wins

Working hard always wins This came across my news feed today in the context of Web design, but it totally made me think of fitness. I used to always want to buy magazines about how to be in better shape, buy cookbooks about how to eat better, read websites about how to diet better, buy […]

I went to work in a jacket and scarf. I walked home from work today with just a sweater on. I took the sweater off to walk the dogs. I went upstairs, and without giving it much thought, I put on shorts and a T-shirt. I got my tunes ready, iPod on, stepped outside … […]

Balance and Growth

I’ve been working more to notice and appreciate balance this week. Last week, when I ran the half marathon, I had a great run. I was strong. I was confident. I was fast. Afterwards … I was tired. It was tired in a good kind of way. Accomplished. But in the past few days after […]

I’ve been on a photos-of-me kick lately. And today, I got a fabulous haircut from my fabulous hairdresser, Hillary, at Orbit! I feel like I’ve had an accomplished day. I got up to go running in Brunswick at 8 a.m., got my 9 miles in (with a new running friend, Val!) and picked out a […]

A coda to the protein shake post: I had been feeling … less than super today. Everyone around me has been sick and I was getting the scratchy throat feeling myself. I drank lots of water, popped a Tylenol and figured I’d take the night off from running. I made dinner (leftover Peanut Tofu Satay […]