Pug running

You’d think that these guys ran 5 miles today: Actually, speaking of running with dogs: I’m thinking about it. There is an event at Pineland Farms this weekend — it’s called the “Canicross 5K.” You run the event with your dog. Georgia is out of the question; her legs are way too short — but […]

Hills, hills, hills! Track club was cancelled today, so Bob gave us a hills workout. I picked the Bartlett Street hill by my house, which is a 4 percent hill over about a quarter mile. Tough. The same hill that I could not even run up once back in November. The workout was 6 hill […]

So, marathon training … continues to be delayed. I used yourtrainingcalendar.com to set up a marathon training schedule based on Hal Higdon’s plan, and according to the 18-week schedule … I have another 3 weeks before it starts. (18 weeks = 3.5 months = middle of June start) Thank god. I’m still sick. It’s miserable. […]

Back to this again. I thought that I had an elite immune system from all the good nutrition I get and awesome running I do. Bleh.

I feel about as awesome as I look

I feel about as awesome as I look: I made a new “get better soon” smoothie: 1 6oz chobani (I picked strawberry, since they are full of vitamin c) 2oz diet v8 splash (berry medley) 1/2 banana 2 strawberries small handful of blueberries 3 ice cubes Which washed down a multivitamin, some ibuprofen, and some NON […]

On injury

One thing I’ve noticed as a beginner to running is that runners are very, almost zealously so, afraid of overextending themselves to the point of injury. At track club tonight, I overheard a few people saying things like, “don’t run it too hard! you don’t want to do more damage!” or “I’m going to run […]