I found from my friend Mike my new favorite blog, Carrots N Cake, where this girl woman must be my long lost sister or something. She blogs about running and nutrition and her pug Murphy. You can read her awesome post about Murphy’s life lessons here.

Beautiful days

It was more than 50 degrees today. 50 amazing degrees. I didn’t get to do a lunch-time run, which was something I probably needed today, because Thursday is Weight Watchers today. I gained 2 pounds from a week ago. That came as a shock. I felt like I was having a very tight, renewed, powerful […]

Hello, size 8.


Those are size 8 pants I bought with my sister yesterday. I haven’t worn sub-10 sizes since I was about 11 years old. And that is even more awesome than running three miles at lunch @ 10:11/mile, my fastest non-treadmill run to date.

Yesterday was a good day for fitness. It started with  9-mile run in Brunswick with a cool group of people that meet at the Maine Running Company. According to the app on my phone, I was running at a blazing pace, 10:52, which I’d be happy with for three miles, let alone 9. I have […]