Hello, size 8.


Those are size 8 pants I bought with my sister yesterday. I haven’t worn sub-10 sizes since I was about 11 years old. And that is even more awesome than running three miles at lunch @ 10:11/mile, my fastest non-treadmill run to date.

Yesterday was a good day for fitness. It started with  9-mile run in Brunswick with a cool group of people that meet at the Maine Running Company. According to the app on my phone, I was running at a blazing pace, 10:52, which I’d be happy with for three miles, let alone 9. I have […]


I powered through my long run today. I had a lot of i-don’t-wannas before I left — mostly because it was raining — but I still got out there and did 10 miles. For a little confidence booster, I did the bike loop for the LADU. Eight months ago, it took every ounce of effort […]

Body-oriented goals

I’m about 2/3s done ChiRunning, and its an amazing book. Expect many more posts about it in the coming weeks. This part I am at now about settings goals really speaks to me: There is definitely something to be said about setting goals, bu be careful they don’t slip into results-oriented. That internal conversation might […]

My friend Heather asked me if I’d write about how much water I drink before, during, and after I run. I’ve come to appreciate how important being hydrated is. Try working out without having any water. You just feel … sluggish. Grumpy. Hard to move. Before I go out, I drink about 16-20 ounces of […]