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My brother John is in town for the week. There! I can finally say it. He and I had been planning this trip without my parents knowledge for two months. It was really fun to surprise them. Originally we had talked about doing a 100-mile bike trip from Lewiston to Bangor while he was in town, but instead opted for something all our siblings could do, which was hiking the Beehive at Acadia National Park. I’d never hiked that mountain before, and it was fun. And a challenge. I realized today, between that and my sad attempt at squats this morning (John was coaching me at crossfit) that I really need to work on flexibility and balance (core strength). I was so tight in my hamstring that it was agony just to do ONE squat. The weight wasn’t hard… Just the bending. My marathon training plan has a lot of running and only one day of cross training per week— and I kicked ass at cross training today. I’m going to make a point to do more flexibility stuff through the week, and stretching. And today was a reminder why I care about doing this. I had a GREAT tome with my siblings. As you can see from the video, we had lots of exercise, beautiful views, and bonding time.

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Truth: I was wrong with my dates. The LA-DU is next weekend. Corollary: I had a lovely bbq with my running friends Jen and Wanda, and Jen’s husband Dan (who is a friend who runs, but far too fast to run with us :), and Tony. Tony is a great husband who smiled and nodded and rubbed the dogs while we talked endlessly about marathon training and triathlon transitions. So after the bbq I spent an hour researching how to transition from a bike to a run (and vice versa). This was the best video I found.