An update on my first two weeks of half-marathon training

After I did that 8-mile run on New Year’s Day, I signed up for that half marathon in April. And then the universe reached out and said, “girl, oh no you better don’t,” and threw up a few hurdles.

There was a real cold snap, so I couldn’t run with the baby. (My personal limit with her is 20 degrees.) Then her care provider was sick, and then she got an ear infection. And then her dad got sick with a cold. And then Felicity got the cold.

I was kinda beside myself for awhile. Confession: I’m sorta holding this mom thing together OK when everything is copacetic, but when something goes wrong? Lets just say I didn’t realize how much sleep I had been getting.

Liss and cuddle cat

But she’s oh so cute.

My favorite time of day to run is early in the morning, followed by lunch break at work, followed by dinner time. But now that I have Lissie, I can only do an early run if I bring her with me and all these days that she was home with her dad sick, I felt obligated to come home and take care of her and give him a break during lunch time.

So, my goal of running more this January than I did last January (at the start of my second trimester) … not gonna happen. In fact, it’s going to be even less than I ran in October, my first month back into running.

Not quite feeling herself on her 6 month birthday

Not quite feeling herself on her 6 month birthday

Then when I thought it couldn’t get any harder, than got sick.

Three months ago, I thought that I had this baby sleep thing all figured out. I had gone back to work and things actually felt pretty harmonious; we weren’t getting a full night’s sleep but we only needed to go into her room once or twice, and only after 2 a.m.

Those were the days.

Around four months we had to transition her from a basinet to a crib because she started growing out of it, and for one reason or another — maybe that? or maybe teething? or maybe traveling? — her sleep started getting much more broken. It became harder to put her down for naps, harder to put her down at night, and she rarely stays in bed quietly for more than two hours.

… So I am really tired.

This isn’t all like woe-is-me. I love her. I love her sweet little smiles and how she throws her arms out and squeals and does this open mouthed kiss-thing when she sees me.

The fourth or fifth time she's tried solid foods. This time, sweet potato soup and guacamole.

The fourth or fifth time she’s tried solid foods. This time, sweet potato soup and guacamole.

I’ve read all the things and I accept that this too shall pass. And I know I ran 8 miles three weeks ago, so I shouldn’t be too far out of shape when I can start running again … hopefully soon …


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