My body, 16 weeks later

Oh man. I haven’t written in nearly a month. I guess that’s a sign of how busy things get when you head back to work?

Making time to write a post for you here at the office.

Making time to write a post for you here at the office.

I keep putting off writing because I have lots of ideas for posts but I‘m unsure of who I am writing for any more. Are you guys moms? Are you runners? Runners who are about to be moms? Moms who are about to be runners?

The posts I’m thinking about, in no particular order:

  • How we picked out our stroller(s) — especially for running
  • Everything I’ve learned about breastfeeding in the last 16 weeks. (And it has been a lot).
  • Infant sleep, and how we finally started getting some.

So, dear readers, let me know what you like to read.

And here’s an update about being off the couch, instead. Since we got a running stroller about 3 weeks ago, I have found it is SO MUCH EASIER to get back into my fitness routine. In a way, it’s almost easier than it was before I got pregnant, because with a baby, our time is so precious and heavily regimented that when I plan to go out for a run, I surely do it because I know I won’t get another opportunity that day.

Felicity is doing great. She is 16 weeks old, as of Monday.



I have still not lost a damn pound since the second week home from the hospital, but, I’m pretty sure I run more this week than I have since before I hurt my hip in mid March. (Four days in a row this week for 2-4 miles each time). I ran a course today that I hadn’t run in 4 weeks and I did it much faster this time with less walking than the first time.

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