88 days to go

I hadn’t been running for two weeks. At about 26 weeks, I think the weight distribution changes started to become a problem and my left hip started hurting after running or walking long distances.

I really wanted to run Race the Runways, a half marathon in Brunswick near and dear to my heart, but I listened to my body and knew I couldn’t happily run or walk 13.1 miles … Even if I might have been able to do it in late February.

The view from a 7-mile run I did on March 16. Seven miles seems so far now …

This isn’t the first time I haven’t been able to run before. A slip and fall injury kept me laid up for 6 weeks last winter and I improved my swim times a ton during that time.

This time is different, though. I’ve heard that the second trimester is so great and your energy is back to normal but I didn’t feel that way. I’ve done a little walking and a little yoga but not much else. I know I don’t practice what I preach.

I started seeing a chiropractor for my hip pain, and it’s helped. I tried running again today for the first time in two weeks.


I ran 1.5 miles at a 12-minute per mile pace with an average heart rate of 157 beats per minute. It felt glorious.

I don’t know if I will be able to run all the way to the end. I’m just happy to take each day as it comes. It makes me feel better when I remind myself that I still weigh about 20 pounds less than I did when I started running.

I crossed 27 weeks on Monday, and even if 28 weeks is “technically” the third trimester, I’m gonna say it counts ’cause I’m less than 3 months from my due date. 88 days, I think I counted.


I always thought I would enjoy being pregnant. But I am so ready to move on to what’s next. 😉

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