My 24-week update. Still pregnant.

It’s been more than a month since the last time I updated you guys!

24 weeks

I hit 24 weeks on Monday and there is no denying that while my hair (feels like) it’s barely growing, the baby is.

Predictably, I’ve slowed down a lot. This is met with a mix of emotions; on one hand I feel proud of everything I am still able to do at five-and-a-half-months-pregnant, on the other hand, the Pattie that did a triathlon in the fall or ran two marathons back to back last year seems like a distant memory.

I still love running. I love how I feel when I go out, and I love how I feel afterwards. And believe it or not, running and walking are one of the few times my back doesn’t hurt. But the energy to put on the spandex and go out in the below-freezing-slush-mess is getting harder to find as the weeks tick away.

After working so hard to get fit, backtracking in pregnancy is something I find myself thinking about often. I know I can’t compare myself to my former self or to other people — and everyone has an opinion one what is the right (or wrong) thing for me to do. I remind myself to do what feels right and comfortable now; my most important job is to have a healthy baby.

I’m not the only BDN blogger that’s expecting! For more baby news, check out Claire at Tales of a Hardworking Mom and Heather at 6:30 and a Glass of Wine. I think we’re all due around the summer time. And we just launched a new blog you might be interested in, Sarah at On the Plus Side. Sarah has a sharp wit and she reminds me a lot of how I felt when I started out in 2010.


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