2014 is going to be your year, Tina

The process of building habits takes a lot of work, but the payoff in the end is worth it.

And to that, I’m really happy to award that Tina at I’m Over Being Overweight a copy of A Power of Habit from my giveaway last week.

Tina Campbell won The Power of Habit Giveaway


Tina’s got a great story — she recently quit smoking after smoking a pack a day for 15 years and February marked 6 months since her last cigarette. She had plenty of excuses to keep smoking, but she turned them around into reasons to quit.

I was so overwhelmed by the amazing response I got from that contest and the post — by far the biggest post I’ve ever had on this blog. I had more than 50 entries and everyone had a great story or challenge ahead of them. I think it’s easy to see where you need to improve, the hard part is seeing what your cues are the make you fall into bad habits.

It’s actually a little tough to give away my hard copy of this book. I actually “read” it on Audible during marathon season two years ago, and it’s such a great book to go back and reference. I’m a big fan of listening to audio books on long runs, and there was a recent study that said light exercise while “studying” can help boost your memory.


2014 is going to be your year, Tina. Enjoy! And check out Tina’s fitness blog at iamoverbeingoverweight.blogspot.com.

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