Got morning sickness? Here’s 8 things I’ve tried.

Even though I’m eating more healthfully than I ever in my life and haven’t had a drop of alcohol or caffeine in two and a half months, I wake up every day feeling like last night was a shots-at-the-bar-until-closing-time-then-afterparty-at-Ryan’s-house-til-4 kind of night. I’m tired. I’m cranky. And my stomach recoils with the message “why didn’t you think about what you were getting into!”

I was warned that feeling pregnant was not going to feel … great. Not at first. If you were one of those people that never got sick in your first trimester, shut up. I have no love for you right now.

I’ve tried lots of things over the last 5 weeks to calm my tummy. Here’s what I’ve tried to varying success:

1. Staying in my jammies all weekend re-watching episode after episode of The Wire.

(Unlike the video game version, Tony did not let me skip level 2)

2. Vitamin B6.


Our midwife recommend 25 mg three times a day. I bought 100mg pills (1000 percent of your daily value!) and cut them in threes and it does not make any difference.

3. Bonine.


It might work for motion sickness but it did nothing for my morning sickness. And it tastes gross.

4. Eating saltines before you get out of bed.


Can you bear to eat these things first thing in the morning? I thought so.

5. Unisom.


This actually did help, but it led to a conversation with my boss that went like this.

Boss: Did you ever, you know, smoke pot in college?

Me: … what?

Boss: This is what I would expect you to be like when you’re high.

Note to self: Not worth it during the day.

6. Ginger candies.


They taste delicious and I’ve been really enjoying ginger … I had (non-raw-fish) sushi twice this week. But the effect is short-lived.

7. Milk.


I don’t know if milk is supposed to be a good or bad thing for an upset stomach but I’ve been jonesing for it in a way that I never had before. The smell of coffee has really been bothering me lately so I’ve been ordering lattes without the espresso (which baristas have gently pointed out to me … is just a cup of steamed milk).

8. Exercise.

The look pretty awesome, don't they.


I read that exercise is supposed to help and I wish I could tell you that was my experience, but I find I have to force myself to go out the door before I feel really off in the morning, and even then, I can’t run too fast without the world feeling swimmy. My worst moments are always right when I come back from a run, but that time of day is bad whether I go or not, so I’m going to keep running.


I hear that it is gonna get better at the end of the first trimester. Have you been in my shoes? What did you do that helped?

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