10 things I wish I could tell myself three years ago

In honor of the third anniversary of when I started running — on a Wednesday evening, in late summer, on a whim:

1. No wonder you hated exercising when you thought the only way to do it was by “going to the gym.”

2. Don’t judge a run before mile 3.

3. Pacing yourself means practicing self-awareness. How hard does it feel? How much harder has this felt before?

4. The only competition that matters is the one you have with your past self.

5. Record everything.

6. You have no idea what your limits are until you try to push them.

7. As long as you work on something every day, no matter how slow or insignificant the progress seems, you will improve. I promise.

8. Get up early. It’s worth it.

9. It counts the most the days that it’s hardest.

10. You’re a runner as soon as you put on your sneakers and decide to run. Period.



Pattie Reaves

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I'm a new mom and renegade fitness blogger at After the Couch. I live in Brewer with my husband, Tony, our daughter Felicity, and our two pugs, Georgia and Scoop.