There’s a short — and more importantly, FUN! — race happening in Bangor tonight

Hi all. I owe you a race report about this little event. It’s coming … I’ve been delaying because I’m just not that into racing right now.

Which is why it makes total sense (/sarcasm) that I am writing about a cool race that’s taking place in Bangor tonight.

The KahBang Electric Dash

The folks at KahBang are kicking off their weekend festival tonight, and a .965696K “glow” run is part of the opening festivities tonight.

Even runners that are only on week 3 of the couch to 5K could manage this. For the metric-system-impaired, .9656096K is just under two-thirds of one mile.
I talked to Sarah with the KahBang festival, and she promises that, rain or shine, you can find them in West Market Square tonight armed with glowsticks, glow-in-the-dark paint, and rubber glow bracelets. The run goes from the square to the dance pavilion tent on the waterfront.
And, unlike the pricey color runs that have taken place/will take place in Maine this summer ($40-$55 for a 5K) this one is only $5. Proceeds go to the Children’s Tumor Foundation, and Sarah says they’re accepting additional donations for the tumor foundation as well.
Why .9606560K?
“Originally we were gonna do a 5K,” Sarah said — the distance from West Market Square to the campsite out by the Sports Arena on outer Hammond. Perhaps wisely so, they nixed that idea because it was too dangerous to have people running on the roads that late at night. When that’s what the measurement from the square to the dance tent came out to, “we, being KahBang, just embraced it,” she said.
After the run there’s a dance part until 11:30, and then an after party at the KahBang! campsite until 3 a.m.
And THEN you can wake up fresh as a daisy for the super-awesome What’s Next conference at the Bangor Waterfront where yours truly will be speaking.
In public.
See you tonight with your neon on. 🙂
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