The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances

After I wrote my last post, my husband Tony IMs me and says:

11:15:46 AM Tony Reaves: One note on your Pattie Runs post

11:15:53 AM Pattie Reaves: ?

11:15:58 AM Tony Reaves: Normals don’t admire runners, we resent them

11:16:42 AM Pattie Reaves: You’re not very nice.

11:16:50 AM Tony Reaves: I don’t mean it like that

11:17:34 AM Tony Reaves: More like “Stupid healthy people and their stupid will power”

Oh Tony. The latest The Oatmeal says it all:

That’s just part of it. Seriously, go check it out. He’s so close to what’s in my head it’s scary.

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