Introducing ‘After the Couch’

Hi readers, new and old!

I'm Pattie Reaves, your host for this evening.

My name is Pattie Reaves, and I used to write a blog called Pattie Runs, and now I’ve moved it over here to the Bangor Daily News blog network.

To my new readers —

This blog has been a journey for me (it goes back almost 3 years!) I started it not long after I started running. Do you want to start running? But you think it’s too hard, and you probably look ridiculous, and it’s never going to be easy for you like it is for that friend/co-worker/sister-in-law that you so admire? Yeah, that was me three years ago. I didn’t think I could ever be a part of that “cool” club of people who can just throw their sneakers on and do a “quick 3-miler.”

But what did I have to lose? So I tried it. It wasn’t easy — heck, it still isn’t easy — but if you keep doing it, even if its just the littlest bit more today than you did yesterday — you start to build on something.

I love my Runners World quotes of the day.

I ended up losing ~30 pounds and becoming a healthier, happier, better person. It truly was not just a physical change but a mental and spiritual one as well. This blog is about that journey.

To my old readers —

I thought about changing the name from Pattie Runs for a long time. One of the most popular ways that readers have come to find me is searching about the Couch to 5K. And that’s awesome. That was where I started, and I want to keep the majority of my posts to be things that I think would apply to anyone, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey.

The blog is still about me, and it’s always going to be from my perspective, but its not just about about Pattie Reaves. And it’s not just about running. It’s about the joy of keeping moving. 🙂

Blogs at BDN Maine

I moved to the BDN Maine blog network because, at its core, my blog is also about living in Maine. I’m really excited about the opportunity to meet and share with more people interesting about running in Maine through this blog by being on the BDN Maine network. And, also, it didn’t hurt that my day job now is working with all these awesome bloggers.

So here’s how to keep up with me:

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Thanks for coming along for the ride.



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