My favorite Lewiston-Auburn places to run

A friend e-mailed me and asked me for some ideas for long runs in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

When I first started running, I got a lot of my initial inspiration from Map My Run — you can see runs other people have taken in the area. You can narrow runs down by distance. I bet I could probably even go back in this blog and find the first time I wrote about finding the College Street/Central Avenue loop that way.

I still go back sometimes when I’m in a rut and see if anyone else has found something I haven’t tried yet.

Most of my long runs, though, are my tried-and-true routes. It’s an undertaking as it is to go out running for 2+ hours, and I also want to be able to describe to someone where I am going in case I need them to come looking for me.
And, as I wrote these up, I realized that most of my routes were inspired by races I’ve done. Usually a race organizer knows what they’re doing when they pick a route!
Without ado, my favorite Lewiston-Auburn places to run
— When it’s not snowy, I love the Lewiston trail portion of the Bands on the Run course. And for all seasons, the part of the course on Spring Road in Auburn is beautiful. You can run from Railroad Park to the farthest points on each of those routes and its ~6 miles to go out and back. You can combine them with some  Riverwalk loops to stretch that out even more. I wouldn’t venture on Veterans Bridge to run on any day but that race. 😉
— Outer College Road into Greene is my go-to long run place, because it is low-traffic and safe. Downtown Lewiston to the farthest point on College Road and back is ~20 miles.
— The bike course for the former LA Duathalon, on River Road in Lewiston. By the river, low traffic — 12 miles if you don’t take the out and back on Dyer Road, 14 if you did.
— Around Lake Auburn, its 10 miles, though that’s probably not so safe until the snow melts. 🙂
— A good general winter running spot is the industrial park in Lewiston. There’s low traffic at night, but not creepy super secluded low. One loop around the park is about 1 mile. I go there for speedwork because its like a more interesting track! 🙂
— The 10-mile route for the Dempsey Challenge. Embrace the hills on Vickery Road!
— And, of course, the Lewiston-Auburn Riverwalk. If you hit all three bridges you can make a 5K out of it, easily.
What are your favorite places in L-A?
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