Coming to you live from my new office

Coming to you live from my new office


1. What the title says — I HAVE BEEN CLEARED TO RUN AGAIN!!! 

(Confession: I actually did run on the treadmill a few times this week before I was cleared … shhh.)

The leg is still tender so I have to ramp it back up slowly. And I have to make some adjustments to my 2013 goals. Namely, forgoing a spring marathon and ratcheting back my expectations at any personal records for a few months.

That is OK though, because

2. 2013 has now been dubbed the year of the triathlon!

I haven’t picked which races yet, but I want to train for a sprint event in May and maybe a longer one later in the summer. I can’t let all this swimming fitness go to waste.

Expect more on this topic later.

3.  Tried the Lewiston Crossfit on Saturday. 

I was expecting the experience to be more like the yogalates workout I did with my brother John in San Diego last spring: Demoralizing. Exhausting. Painful. And it wasn’t, which was a really nice boost to my ego.

It was a beginner class, aimed at introducing you to some of the moves and principles of Crossfit. The class was endurance focused. There  was a 15-minute warmup with some dynamic moves and stretching. The workout itself consisted of increasing fast-paced sets of wall balls and burpees for 16 minutes.

I was able to do the whole workout, though my form was pretty awful by the end. So I was proud of myself for that. But yes, like everyone says, I was sore for days after.

Would I do it again? Yes, but it’s a bit too expensive, especially when I do a lot of other sports. Maybe if I could find a cheaper way, or do it less often.

Do I think its the greatest thing ever that ever happened to fitness ever like most other bloggers seem to? Meh. I think there can be a real potential to get hurt if you’re not smart. You can make modifications to make the exercises easier, but if you don’t know you’re own abilities and try too much too fast, like in anything …

I like that it focuses on functional fitness, and making the most of the time you spend in spandex. But it’s not a fun 16 minutes. And to that end I’d rather do something like running or swimming, which might be a lower intensity workout but I’m happier doing it.

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