My long-term goal is to be around to run long-term.

My long term goal is to be around to run long term.


Today marks three weeks since the last time I ran.

The story thus far: I fell walking down my parents’ driveway 3 weeks ago. I twisted and fell and landed a lot of my weight on the side of my right knee. Last Friday I went and saw my primary care physician and the verdict was nothing was torn or broken.

I’m at the point where I can walk comfortably. So I made a date to run with friends this morning. I put on my spandex (I can tell its been awhile because my drawers are stuffed with clean clothes now) and tried running down my street this morning.

Omph. It was icy. The difficulty balancing was tweaking my knee.

I cancelled plans and headed to Planet Fitness for some quality time with the treadmill.

It felt GREAT at first. I pretended I was outside, running along one of my favorite routes where I have this great view of Lewiston’s skyline. Wind in my hair, sweat on my back …

I made it about a half-mile (10 minutes) before I gave up. It was a demoralizing workout.

Ice is the greatest. invention. ever.

Yes, I’m still doing this.

Last week I spent 60 minutes on the recumbent bike but after the treadmill I couldn’t last another 10 minutes on it.

It’s rough! I miss that heart-thumping endorphin rush but my body just won’t let me have it.


The doc said to call in a week if it still did not feel great. I have a 10-mile race in 3 weeks and I have not run in 3 weeks. My last chance to switch my registration was Wednesday and I didn’t. Fingers crossed that it will get better this week.

Anyone out there had a knee injury? What do you do to keep yourself sane?



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