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Rocking my LiveJournal sweatshirt like it's 2003.

Rocking my LiveJournal sweatshirt like it’s 2003.

So I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon to check out my knee. It’s really been feeling a lot better since I first fell, but not good enough to run. We’re going on two weeks now today.

The good news is that the the doctor did not think anything was torn or fractured. If it were, it wouldn’t be getting better. Nothing felt out of place.

I haven’t tried running. I’ve been taking a couple joggy steps while walking the dogs every few days, and I can tell something still doesn’t feel right. There is a lot of pain sharp in the front of my knee when I try running.

So I’m resting. I actually went two days IN A ROW without going to the gym. It’s nuts. I can’t help the nagging feeling that this is the slippery slide into my old lifestyle … but I also know that I have to do this.

I’m trying to frame it in my mind that regaining the lost fitness will just be another challenge …

The doc said ace bandage all the time, ibuprofen 3 times a day, more icing and another two weeks of rest. I’ll see how I feel.

The Mid-Winter Classic is February 3, four weeks away. I can decide to transfer my registration up until Wednesday. I think I’ll be fine by then, but I’m not betting on the PR I was sure of in December.

You know what’s rough?

Not being able to train like you want to through all this holiday gluttony. I can just feel my blood sugar is totally out of whack. It’s not like my appetite has gone away!




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