The MDI Marathon is almost here

No, I’m not focusing on the weather.

Or, rather, at least I have the experience of running two marathons in the rain.

I have a lot more anticipation about this one, because this one is the END OF RACING SEASON 2012 OMG. What will I do next after this? How will I stay fit? What new horizons can I embark on? I try to remind myself that I need to focus on tomorrow, not what comes after tomorrow.

The plan today is:

  • Go to the Maine Press Association conference until noon.
  • Drive 3 hours from Freeport to Bar Harbor, get a carby-lunch on the way, then arrive around 3:30.
  • Pick up my bib at the race expo, then drive the course.
  • Head back to Bangor (about an hour drive) to spend the night at my parents’ house.
  • Leave my parents’ house at about 5:30 a.m. with one or more family members in tow to run for 4-and-a-half-plus hours in the rain.

This will be my fourth marathon. I am starting to have a pretty good feel for preparing for a marathon, and preparing to race. My go-to meals are sushi and macaroni and cheese. I will eat two Pop-tarts and have a cup of coffee in the morning.

I interrupt this post with a really, really awesome song:

I will drink Gatorade all day and visualize a strong race. I’ll read Chi Marathon and follow my plan today. I don’t leave any plans up in the air. What I decided to do earlier this week, that’s what I’m going to do. The goal is to make this day as low-stress as possible.

Deep breaths.

We can do this!

Pattie Reaves

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