Things I did and did not do today

Things I did not do today: Run the 8 miles on the schedule. Or, um, at all.

Things I did do today: Walked about 3 miles, one of which while laden with all this crap:

You have to click on the image to see its full-sized glory. My blogging app crops it into a square. Anyway, its a camera bag, 17-inch laptop, gym bag and tripod. Heavy.

Things I did not do today: Feel much better post-squats. My quads are killing me. I am walking like an old man. It’s kinda ridiculous. Especially since I know I don’t plan on being consistent with weight training so my net gain from this is having lost two days of marathon training.

Things I did do today: Had another meeting with the Lewiston-Auburn Bike-Pedestrian committee. We’re still getting ramped up — this was our second meeting — and most of our work has been learning what other organizations have done to research/improve bike and pedestrian travel in our area.

The amount of research and detail in this stuff is overwhelming. It kinda reminds me of the IT gripe about people who use computers every day but have no idea how computers work. Well, I travel as a pedestrian or cyclist in this community every day but I had no idea how that all comes together. How decisions are made about where sidewalks go or which is the best walking path to develop.

All I know is that I like living in a community where I can a) run outside and b) live without a car.

So I’m going to learn about this stuff and then help make that happen. Or continue to happen. 🙂

Things I did not do today: Blow my diet.

OK, to say ‘diet’ is not totally accurate. It’s more of a strategy. I’m trying to
— only eat when I’m hungry
— eat out less
— don’t let myself get too hungry, and
— frontload my calories in the day.

What I mean by that last part is that I want most of my calories at breakfast and lunch and the least at dinner. The idea being that I won’t overeat at dinner because I have eaten enough through the day. And that I will have a better afternoon/evening workout because I have the energy to sustain me.

After the meeting it was really tempting to go sit on the deck of Gritty’s and throw back a beer and a plate of nachos while writing this blog post. But that would have been doubly miserable because I would miss my run AND eat a plate of nachos. BUT IT WAS TEMPTING!!!

Things I did do today: Write this blog post. 🙂

I’ve gotten so many nice messages from people, some I know, some I don’t, about this blog lately. Thanks guys. You make my day. And I’m always open for suggestions to write about …

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