The blood, the sweat and the beers

Oh, so much to say.

If the last post seemed better … composed … than the usual blog post, it’s because I was also writing it to run in the paper. Have I mentioned that I have the best job ever? OK, I’m not a full-time blogger, but it’s not so bad when I get to do a totally fun event like this and write about it for work for lots of people to see.

I’m totally sore today. Actually, way more sore than I was after the last marathon. In a different kind of way, though. After both marathons, I felt like my connective tissue was on fire. It was hard to move. I was an overstretched rubber band. Today I feel sore like after you do when you start lifting weights for the first time. Muscles I didn’t know I had are waking up. And they are brusied and angry. If my knees looked awful before … watch out.

Gettin’ some Scoopy kisses, there.

I realized running this race, and to a degree, Bands on the Run, that I really want to get into trail running. It has its downsides, namely that it isn’t as convenient, but its so NEW and NOVEL and FUN and SOFT that I don’t know why I’ve taken so long to get into it.

So on the way home Tony and I stopped at the New Balance Tent sale and I picked up a pair of trail running minimalist shoes. I have about a month left on my other sneakers so I figure its a low-pressure way to get into minimalist shoes. If I hate them, I have plenty of time to figure that out. If I love them, they only cost me $40! So I’ll let you know how that goes.

By the way — if you live in the Lewiston-Auburn area and have small feet (I don’t) — that tent sale is the shizz. You can get some very decent running shoes made in the USA for under $50. Unfortunately, they did not have many shoes greater than a size 8 and the shoes run small.

A casualty of the race was my heart-rate monitor. I don’t know what I was thinking when I wore it. I can tell you that for most of the race my heart rate was over 160 — even if our time was about 24-minute miles. I didn’t get to record an average, though, because it shorted out when I fell in the pond at the end. I’m optimistic it will dry out but the face is totally blank right now. 🙁 My Timex Ironman heart rate monitor was NOT waterproof, despite what the box might have claimed. I did get some decent use out of it in the year I had it.

The long run this weekend was put on hold. I didn’t feel up to it after yesterday’s race. I am supposed to run 15 miles. I hope to get it in tomorrow night — it will take me three hours — or maybe on Wednesday.

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