So I joined the Lewiston-Auburn Bicycle Pedestrian Committee

So, I joined the Lewiston-Auburn Bicycle Pedestrian Committee.

It’s a new committee that was created to essentially help develop walking and bike-friendly transportation in the big cities.

As a Lewiston resident, runner, and dog walker, I felt qualified enough to join the committee. I  talk to work most days a week, run on Lewiston roads most days a week, and cycle on Lewiston roads … at least a couple times a month (I wish I could more). Auburn too. So I know a lot about how to get around on your feet in this area.

I decided to join for two reasons:

First, because I have a vested interest in making sure this is a walkable area, and

Second, because I feel like I owe Lewiston something. It wasn’t until I moved here, and joined a workplace/community with a lot of active people, that I really was able to change my fitness and my life.

I spent my early years in Philadelphia, where everyone walks. My family moved to Bangor when I was 14, and my only desire when we moved was that my parents would pick a neighborhood that was walkable.

My parents’ house, taken at our wedding. As you can see, in the country. Not walkable.

So I’m not going to blame my parents for being overweight as a teenager, but there is a correlation between being overweight and living in a rural area. It wasn’t until I moved to Lewiston 10 years later that I was really able to to make walking a part of my daily routine.

Also, this little guy helped:

Le petit Scoop. His ears were so big back then!

I started, really out of shape, just walking our new puppy through our   neighborhood for an hour a night. I loved living in a walkable place again.

I really do think its more than a urban vs. rural, though. The Twin Cities are a special place. We have a great community of active people here. There are two half marathons here this summer; the Dempsey Challenge; the Maine Track club coaching is in Auburn (and the Maine Cycling Club is based out of Auburn). My employer, a major one in this community,  is a company that really values employee health and fitness. We have a beautiful Riverwalk and access to lots of beautiful, low-traffic areas to run and cycle.

So I’d like to do something to combat the Dirty Lew image and do more to show: Hey! L-A is a great place full of places to be outside and healthy.

I’ll let you know how the first meeting goes tonight.  And if you live in L-A and have things you want changed, let me know.


Pattie Reaves

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I'm a new mom and renegade fitness blogger at After the Couch. I live in Brewer with my husband, Tony, our daughter Felicity, and our two pugs, Georgia and Scoop.