Bands on the Run Half Marathon race report

See me and my headlights? Heh. Thanks Maine Running Photos on Facebook. You guys are the best.

So this was my fifth half-marathon. Two years ago, I did the event that was the predecessor to this event, the L-A Duathalon, and arguably that was the genesis of my road racing. So it was a special day for me.

It wasn’t my best race and it wasn’t my worst race. It was a challenging course and the weather was challenging, too. I knew I wasn’t in the best condition for this race.

But I’m just really happy. I’m happy that I can even run a half-marathon, I’m happy to toe the starting line, and I’m happy for the opportunity to just check in with myself and test my mettle.

Final result: 2:15.17, 20 minutes slower than my PR. It was hard.

The splits:

  • 1 – 9:34/150
  • 2 – 10:02/154
  • 3 –  9:44/156
  • 4 – 10:03/157
  • 5 – 10:30/161
  • 6 – 10:13/162
  • 7 – 10:44/161
  • 8 – 10:02/161 (this was a very long, hot mile)
  • 9, 10, 11 – 10:41/163 (there were no mile markers on the course for those miles to take splits. Total was 31:31)
  • 12 – 10:15/163
  • 13 – 11:31/157 (I had some serious nausea here and walked)
  • 0.1 – 1:05/159

Avg. HR for the whole was 159. I did not really look at my watch at all for my heart rate on the whole course. I ran by my breath — out three strides and in for two — and focused on good form and body sensing.

I was working hard but not as hard as my last PR. Better weather, flatter course, more positive attitude. I ended the race with some serious nausea. Not gas, but nausea. A little time and water after the race took care of that — the heat did me in, always does — but I think I handled it well, all things considered.

Random observations:

  • The course was lovely. They did a good job keeping it along the river, which was shady and cool. There were tons of spectators and I really enjoyed the bands.
  • I went without music so I could experience the bands and I’m so glad I did! I felt bad for the people who brought iPods. The best band was the one at the Auburn plaza, playing reggae.
  • That also allowed me to dump cups of water over my head without worrying about my electronics. That was wonderful.
  • I need to run more on the River Road in Auburn and on the trail in Lewiston. Where have these routes been all my life?!
  • I was working on a big project for work most of yesterday and realized that I forgot to really carb load, so I tried to make up too much too late. Even Pop-Tarts need time to digest. If I was smarter about that I don’t think I would have been so nauseous.
  • I thought about one of my favorite bloggers, Run this Amazing Day, competing in her first IronMan right now. How I would love to do that one day. And this was just a little half-marathon, right …? I can get through this, I told myself at mile 12, thinking that I could be halfway into a century ride preceding a marathon right now.
  • I think maybe one day I want to consider getting a trainer. I want someone who can tell me when to push it and when to hold back. But I don’t know if that’s a guarantee that I will go faster. So I don’t think that day is here yet.
  • I’d rather end a race feeling like I gave too much too early (today, ish) then that I had too much left over (the women’s half).
  • There was a wave start, where the women got a 10-minute head start on the guys. I’ve decided I wasn’t a fan of this, because it meant that people (guys) were passing me the whole race. Well, that felt great.
  • I didn’t drink any alcohol in the last 7 days in preparation for this race. I don’t think alcohol has much impact on my performance — I’ve had my best races with a beer the night before — but it’s been good for my self-image and my psyche. I think I’ll keep it going awhile longer.
  • I would have rather done the LA-DU but this was still a very, very cool race and I could tell that a lot of work had gone into it. Great job, Museum L-A!

And last, I leave you with this pin. Seems appropriate.

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