So I started a new blog about new media. And, recipes!

Because, truth be told, I love blogging and I didn’t think I had enough to do as it is. 😉

It’s more about the kind of stuff that I do at work, so you don’t have to read about it here, my running runner friends.

I realized today that, hey! I’m running a half-marathon this weekend and I’m not such an “experienced” runner (hah!) that 13.1 miles isn’t such a big deal. And I’ll take any excuse to rest and carb load.

So, with that, here’s the tasty new recipes I found on Pinterest this week:


I have a lot more tasty ones you can follow on my recipe board. I’ve got a running board and a quotes board too. Check it out. Pinterest is amazing.

Off the bat, I know I’m not in peak physical condition. Now if you were going to ask me — Pattie, what would you say your peak physical condition was? — that’s hard to answer. Maybe at the marathon last October. I weighed about 5 pounds less and was an inch or two smaller on all measurements. But I didn’t recover from hard workouts as fast. And I certainly couldn’t run as fast as I can now. But I think that’s because my technique has improved while my body fat percentage has gone up.

I want to get leaner again this summer. I started by swearing off all alcohol starting last weekend. Its a lot easier to lose weight during the summer; I’d rather stay outside all night then inside drinking beer and hitting next on Google Reader.

This is half-marathon number 5 for me.  I know it’s going to be hard because there are some big hills between miles 5 and 7 and some trail running between 9 and 11. So here’s my race strategy: I’m going to run it without music, and focus on a really strong form run. I don’t want to burn out running a hard race and jeopardize my training next week. I want to end the event feeling competent and full of life and appreciation for all the people I can participate in this wonderful sport with.

‘Cause that’s why we run, right? 🙂


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