Maine Track Club starts again!

So 1: Thank you everyone for all the kind words about my general malaise from the past few weeks, on the blog and in person. You’re too kind. I’m kinda embarrassed (in a good way) that people actually read this blog and it’s touching (in a good way) to hear from you.

2. Today was the return of Maine Track Club! Bob Brainerd from Central Maine Conditioning Clinic hosts a workout at Edward Little High School in Auburn every Tuesday afternoon from spring to fall. I did it last year until about mid-July, but dropped out because it was hard to fit into the marathon training schedule.

Now that I mentally “get” that I can run 26.2 miles, I’m ready to stick out speed work again. A lot of runners whose experience I trust tell me they have gotten injured doing speed work, so I am aiming to be smart about it.  I have yet to suffer any kind of injury that’s taken me out for more than a day or two, so … *fingers crossed.*

3. My everything, but specifically my hammies, are still sore from Sunday’s yoga class. Thanks, Terry (in a good way).

4. So Track Club season starts with the mile time trial. To review, last year: 8:20 in April. 8:44 in May. 7:49 in July, a PR that I almost beat in the half-marathon three weeks ago with a 7:49 at mile 5.

Today: 7:19.

I don’t believe I could have possibly ran any today harder than I did today, but … I feel dissatisfied with that performance. I ran a 1:55:12 half-marathon. I ran a 24:42 5k.

Let me take a minute here to agonize over my McMillan Running Calculator numbers for my half-marathon performance.

OK, minute’s over. Moving on.

I just didn’t feel any joy looping around the track. My form did not feel fluid. I felt heavy. My lungs seared, an experience I remember often before I was a runner but have not since. For the remainder of the workout, I felt like I had aspirated a lot of phlegm and couldn’t breathe. It was kinda miserable. I cut out a half-mile of my scheduled workout.

It’s just one time trial. There will be more. Best to do a dissatisfactory performance when you’re starting.

5. I’m pretty sure I’m at the point where putting off workouts because I haven’t had the will to do it is more an excuse to sit on my ass eating brie and crackers reading Google Reader than it is an attempt to rekindle passion. I have not done a second weekend run in about two months. Next marathon I am just going to be honest with myself from the start and do Hal’s novice 2 plan again.

Or maybe another plan altogether. Recommendations?



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