You ever have a dream that you had a calf strain? And then you wake up and you sort of did?

I look so chipper, I know.

A weird thing happened last night.

I was dreaming, dreaming about kicking something, I think, when I woke up with the worst pain in my right calf. It was like someone stuck their hand into my muscle and was pulling the fibers apart. It was sudden, and so painful I was afraid I would wake Tony up.

And just as quickly as the pain came, it left, and I fell asleep again.

It happened once before, this strange calf-strain dream, though I can’t remember if it was on the same side. It was last year when I was in Boston for a conference, one week out from marathon day.

When I wake up, my calf feels mostly fine, except this phantom pain from the terrible dream.


I haven’t ran in 3 days now. I’m feeling a lot better than I did this weekend. I need to run 8 miles today but I can tell it will be a challenge to make myself run for an hour and a half after work today.

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