My new, short haircut

Warning: This is a totally, unapologetically girly post.

I had been thinking I wanted to grow my hair out. When you have short hair … there is just one style. The way its cut.

I first cut my hair really short 2.5 years ago, right after I got married.

From this:

circa June 2009

To this:

Inspired by Audrey Tautou that I saw on a magazine during our Montrealaise honeymoon.


I had never had it really long before that time in my life, and I had never had it really short before that time in my life. Major life changes like new jobs and getting married are excellent reasons to make dramatic changes to your hair. right?

I really liked it short, but I think the best cut was what I got last spring. I saw a girl at the Little Dog Coffee shop in Brunswick after a morning run with something like this haircut. I told my hairdresser about it and she gave it to me even better.

It was my Robyn look.

This was like … the haircut that took about 2 minutes to do in the morning. Shower, and then you run a straightener through the long side in about as much time as it takes to brush. And it looked edgy without being too Robyn.

But I was thinking I wanted to grow it out. Because I liked looking feminine sometimes, you know?

When we visited John in San Diego last week, I didn’t bring a blow-dryer with me. My brother and his roommate are single guys, in the military, with about a quarter inch of hair. They did not have a blow drier at their house. My options were:

  • Get up an hour earlier to go run an hour early so your hair will have an hour to dry before we go out. (HAH!)
  • Go curly.
I don’t think it looked awful curly, but … I missed short, always styled looking hair. And I was at the point where I had to run with a baseball cap every time, because its too short to tie back.

At the San Diego Zoo

So I got on Pinterest and found some cute short haircuts.

Here’s what I ended up with today (post-run, so you’re seeing it at its worst):

Can you tell which style I picked?

In the end, I went with what I thought I could confidently pull off every day. I’d love to have a cute mod style like this:

But if I did, I’d have to give up my morning sleep or quickie lunch runs because it would take too long to blow it out and look nice. And with the best intentions, I know I wouldn’t do it and I would feel self-conscious and distracted. So long hair … you’ll just have to wait again.

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