My first run in San Diego

I hadn’t been in San Diego more than 10 hours before I got my first run in.

My brother John, whom we are visiting, lives in Ocean Beach. He had a test early this morning, so when we came in last night at 10, we had a quick dinner and off to bed.

I could have gotten up and ran at 3:30 — the time difference and everything — but I decided the safer thing to do was wait until it was light out.

It is soooo pretty here. The weather is a runner’s dream: 53 degrees when I left. There is a long board bike path along the ocean about a half mile from John’s house and I fit in my 8 mile run by going back and forth across the paths.

There were a lot of dogs around. Recognize the sign? Veronica Mars was filmed here!

I saw a lady with her 10 (10!) cats out on the jetty. They were feeding the birds.

And about 50000000 birds.

I came home and Tony and Melvin were still sleeping. I feel like I snuck a little extra vacation in. 🙂

(This post was from Thursday but technical difficulties kept me from posting it on time.)

Location:Saratoga Ave,San Diego,United States

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