I love Lewiston

I know, I owe you a blog.

I haven’t been writing much because I haven’t been running. Lets see, where did I leave you last? I got a redesigned weights plan from the trainer at Planet Fitness on Tuesday. I think it will be a good plan but it KICKED MY ASS. Hard. I was really sore on Wednesday. A dreadmill run helped (they say that cardio is the best thing you can do when you’re really sore).

Thanksgiving morning, I thought about running to my in-laws, which is what I did last Christmas. That impressed them all. 🙂 But truthfully, it is not a very long run (less than 3 miles), and I had a soup to finish, so I did a 3-mile run before we left.

Friday, I rested. My brother Melvin (who is living with Tony and I) and I drove up to Bangor to my parents’ house to knit on their couch and eat leftover cranberry relish. Oh wait, that was me.

On a side note: It has come to the point where I have lived far away from Bangor long enough that when I come home, it fills me with all the nostalgic, happy memory feelings, but it no longer feels like home. Like Lewiston is home. I love living in Lewiston. I love running on the Riverwalk, I love walking to work every day, I love the rolling hills and lovely architecture and how cozy this big city feels. No where in Bangor do I have a run with a view like this:

I bring it up because it came up at the Lewiston mayoral debate tonight.  I love living here and I love living here because it is such a walkable, runnable place full of people who love spending time outdoors. It felt like coming home to come back from Bangor.

/end side node

Saturday, I did my upper body arms workout. That means I only did weights for two workouts last week. Oh well … I’m working on it!

Sunday, I meant to do a long run but I missed my opportunity to do it with friends and just didn’t have it in me to be alone for so long on a Sunday afternoon. So I did 3 miles in the gym with Tony and they were good miles! Hard miles! 3 miles under 30 minutes!

I can tell I am getting stronger because while the weight training on Saturday was hard, my arms are not killing me today, two days later.

I had to work late tonight and no part of me wanted to go for a run. I wanted to play with my ball winder and drink a beer and watch Desperate Housewives. But I sucked it up. I put on my running clothes. I made a deal with myself, “only two miles.” I stepped out of the house.

It was so nice tonight. So I went 3 miles. Under 30 minutes. After 10 p.m. ‘Cause, you know, Lewiston is a safe city and I can.



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