Snow my god.

Tony and I were in Target, and when we stepped out: Snow!

The fall went by so fast, I barely appreciated it while it lasted. The thought crossed my mind last weekend that it might be the last opportunity I’d get on the bike this year, and I was right.

Tony and I took our patio furniture in today. The very last moment to do it. It was a sad ritual.

I’m mourning.

But a good part of winter is winter running in Brunswick with the Mid-Coast Tri club. Which I did this morning, in 27 degree weather.

I dressed for the temperature instead of what I thought I should wear, and it was perfect. Fitted jacket, nike fleece shirt, tights. I know I would have been underdressed if I went with what I’ve been wearing, which was shorts and a windbreaker all through this week.

In the summer when it was miserably hot, I told myself that I should look forward to winter running. It is easier. It is pretty. And it makes the rest of the winter more bearable.

Location:Topsham Fair Mall Rd,Topsham,United States

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