A lovely fall day

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday because I was at the Maine Press Association annual conference in Northport. We won a bunch of awards! It was a great day. There was a ton of celebrating.

To make up for the calories I was sure I’d be sending straight through my liver later that night, my friend Justin and I went on a run on one of the trails at the resort.

I didn't take any photos there, so this stock photo from the resort is the best I have.

We ran on the trails from the cabins (that loop on the left) up to the pond all the way on the upper left hand side of the picture.

I. Love. Trail Running. Where have you been on my life? The day was perfect. It didn’t even feel like the same sport as road running — you use so much of your upper body to balance and navigate. The trails were really steep. They also weren’t irrigated well, so on the other side of the hill, it was like running through a river. Eventually I just said fuck it and ran through the ankle deep water. It was fun. My shoes ended up looking like this:

They're still wet a day later.

Those poor shoes. I have not even run 100 miles in them yet. I did some research into washing your running shoes and it seems like the general consensus is “just don’t” so … I figure the dirt will wash off with time. These are going to look terrible by winter anyway.

Today, I was torn. It was so pretty outside. So pretty I decided to take some pictures in the front yard.

You really can just hold her like that.

A certain someone was very jealous that his sister got to get outside time and he did not.

Oh that little face.

Anyway — lovely day — one of the last few precious lovely weekends for biking. But I have a half-marathon coming up in three weeks and I haven’t run more than 10 miles this week.

I picked biking anyway.

So the cars can see me ...

I love this view from the top of Broad Street in Auburn.

I am feeling 95% better from the cold I had earlier this week. Maybe my immune system was made more vulnerable after the marathon, but I think, because I am fit, I was able to bounce back pretty quickly.

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