What it feels like a day after you run 20 miles

I woke up this morning and was so sore, I didn’t know if I could get out of bed.

I did, and I wrote that last post. When I came back into the room, look who was still sleeping:

I love it when he does his little dog yoga stretches!

They say when you’re muscles are really, really sore, doing some low intensity activity helps alleviate the soreness. So I walked to work today, and back home.

This sign always marks the end of a run where I start walking when my runs end on this street. I hate it so much. The guy is chubby! Who would want a drink that makes you look chubby? Also, it has not been changed in the > 2 years I have lived here.



I only live about a mile from work, so I *should* be walking every day. Sadly, I only seem to do it when I have to. It’s such great exercise, and a great way to start my morning.

For whatever reason, I feel way more sore after running 20 miles than I did afer 19. I’m going to go waddle to my yoga mat, now.

Pattie Reaves

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