I LA-Did it!

I LA-Did the LA-DU!

(Corny, I know. But I couldn’t help myself.)

My goal was better than 2:00, and I did it in 1:49, according to official race time. That means that I ran 6 miles beyond last year and it only took me an extra 19 minutes.

I spent the last few days really trying to focus on my mental conditioning going into this race. “You can do it. You are so ready for this.” I envisioned myself ending strong and getting a great time and being happy. Because that is really the best thing you can do right before a race, when you’re at a point when you can’t increase your physical conditioning any more.

I was still nervous, as you know.

But I did great. I took the first 2.6 miles really slow, with the mental outlook like “run this like you’re running a half marathon.” This is the first race I did without any music, and I think that helped me. I keyed in to my breathing, and I wouldn’t let myself go harder than breathing out for three steps and in for two. I let other people pass me, even though it can be kinda demoralizing to be passed by what feels like everyone.

A surprise to me, I think I performed strongest on the bike leg. I let many people pass me on the run, but I did all the passing on the bike. It’s a tough bike course, but I’ve practiced it so many times, I knew all the places to get speed and where to go slow up the hills. I really let myself go all out on the bike, and it felt great.

The last run was a 5K, on a course I’m really familiar with. I was expecting it and I knew what “brick legs” would feel like — but it still was hard, that first mile. I thought about a mantra that my friend Emilie tweeted the other day — “In the first half of the race, don’t be an idiot. In the second half, don’t be a wimp” — and I kept telling myself through the 5K, “don’t be a wimp.”

The timer on my watch was 5 minutes off the course time, and I’ll have to see on the splits where I lost that time, but if my watch was correct, I did that 5K in 24.55. I find that incredibly hard to believe I pulled that off, so I hesitate even writing it here, but even if its anywhere remotely close to true, than I am confident enough to say that, no, I was not a wimp. 🙂

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, as I forgot my phone, but I’ll post those later.

I love everything about this race. It was my first race ever last year. My running partner and friend Jen Dube-Works started the race for the Museum LA, and the point is that you go around all these historical sites in Lewiston/Auburn. I love that I get to know my city better, I love the urban landscape, and I love that it is a totally awesome race right  down the hill from my house.

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