Guys, I feel really … fit.

The idea of putting on a two piece bathing suit … in public … is totally crazy.  But I’m doing it. I bought it. Vacation is in less than two days and its really happening, ‘cause I’m not wearing a speedo on the beach and the other swimsuit would fall off.

Let me refresh your memory:

Yep. This is crazy.

This is also made even more stressful by the fact that Athleta sent me the wrong top, so the perfect one I picked out for my body type never came and now I’m having doubts. I have one day until I leave, and I can have them send the new one to Florida (where I may or may not get it on time) or I can deal with it.

So I am going to go a step further into crazy and post pictures of myself online in this bathing suit so you can tell me if it’s worth sending it back:

I hate that it has skinny straps. But I hate the idea of not having the perfect bathing suit on my trip even more. But most of all, I hate the idea that I could not have any bathing suit on my trip!

I can send it back and they will send me the new top in Florida on Thursday. Worth it for the thick straps?

Tony, in the background, says “You’re showing the Internet your wonderful boobs?” (He’s such a sweetie.)

Marathon training started “officially” last week, and triathlon training went hardcore this weekend in anticipation of the LA-DU (my next big race) and the Norway Tri (the only swim race of the year). Also, bikini weekend. I feel ready.

I did the 9-mile loop I’ve been doing with a great group in Brunswick on Saturday and it just felt … comfortable. Like, really fit. I remember I used to be proud just to be quasi-functional after long runs. This weekend I felt capable of a 20-mile ride after the run, and I had a pretty strong day bike/swim/run day after that.

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