Music to run to!

I was hoping to meet up with a running group my friend told me about at Bates College this morning, but I did not meet them.

So, instead, I did my longest run ever! 5.46 miles, 66 minutes (including warm-up and cool-down).

There has been SOO much ‘effin awesome music for exercising that has come out this week. Let’s start with my favorite.

RobynBody Talk

I have loved Robyn since I was her first album came out in 1996. I remember debating between buying Robyn is Here and the Third Eye Blind self-title album with my babysitting money. Now Third Eye Blind was a better album, but everything she’s done since then is pure gold. It’s dancy and electro-pop and FUN!

It’s actually not a new album so much as a compilation of Body Talk Pt. 1 and Body Talk Pt. 2 which came out earlier this year, plus some new tracks, including the amazing Call your Girlfriend.

And she’s coming to the State Theatre in Portland on January 29th! I am more excited for this show than I have been for any other show, ever. And that includes Hole last April.

So awesome. Such a mood picker-upper.

Second awesome album to come out this week is …

Nicki MinajPink Friday

So if you didn’t hear about this album coming out this week, you must be living under a rock. It’s got to be one of the most hyped debut albums ever, since she’s had something like 3 singles and guest verses on a handful of major label albums this year.

If you need evidence how flippin’ awesome Nicki Minaj is, example A:

Her guest verse is at the end. Watch it. It is awesome. It is also very filthy. You’ve been warned,

I’d also like to take the time to say that I am not writing about the new Kanye West album that came out this week. It is weird. Weird weird weird.

I was expecting Pink Friday to be full of the awesome stuff we heard from Nicki all year  like Massive Attack, but there is way too much singing on this album. Still, very run-able.

And two honorable mentions —

Rihanna’s new album, Loud, has the very run-worthy song Only Girl (In the World). I’m a fan of that song (Rihanna seems to consistently make the most amazing singles ever), but the rest of the album is kinda slow.

And a confession. I like Ke$ha. This shouldn’t surprise you that I have terrible taste in music since my earlier confession about the Third Eye Blind. And Ke$ha is universally recognized as pretty terrible. But dubs. I haven’t head her new album, Cannibal, and it hasn’t really gotten that many listens on, but I’m sure I’ll take it out for a run later this week.

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