Second post

Usually when I’m running I think about all these things and I thought, “I wish I had a blog to write them in.”

Today, after my run (3.67 miles! Woo!)  I came back and my husband was irritated that I was gone so long.  Now that I’ve started the second program my runs are 53 minute instead of the 40 minutes that they were in week 9 of Couch to 5K.  So we had an exchange and my mind is distracted by that.

OK. —focusing, here —

Today was so cold. It was probably the coldest day I have ever run outside.  My computer, if it is to be believed, tells me that it was 39 degrees.  At 11 a.m. I put on some Janelle Monae and headed out, and at first I regret not wearing my mittens, but by the end I had my sleeves rolled up.

And around that time, I was hit with the realization — “My body is really doing this. It is warmed up and it has moved 2 miles and its going to move another two more.”

It was a nice way to unwind before a day of cleaning the house.

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